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  • There are more then 100 million search engine users in Asia alone.
  • Only in 2005 internet user shopped online spending $5 billion in the 10 weeks up to Christmas.
  • Almost 23 million people in the India, visiting search engines for their needs every month in 2006
  • More then 80% of internet user just search up to first three pages of search engine for their needs

Simply Having Website Isn't Enough:
With more and more business being conducted online, companies are using their websites for more than simply advertising and marketing purposes. Having a web presence has become an essential part of any business model, but simply having a website isn’t enough will users know where or how to find your website?

A search engine visitor is known to surf the first three pages of the search results or search term entered (keyword or keyphrase). Most search engine visitors runs out of interest before reaching the end of the first page results if a relevant website of interest is not found, a large number of search engine visitor never go more then three pages of search results. Thus, the difference between front page search engine ranking and last place search engine ranking is significant.

Search Engine Optimization, offers the possibility of driving qualified traffic to your site, at the first point of user contact is the search engines. SEO techniques can drive these users to your site without the use of traditional, visible advertising by making sure you are found by the people who are looking for you.

Many Companies have spent many hundreds if not thousands of pounds having their web sites designed. These companies/businesses usually fall into two categories:

  1. Businesses of this type feel that a web site will add to the professional image of the company and they wish to benefit from having a professional email address. Because they are not a sales orientated business, it is not important that the web site can be found easily on the search engines.

  2. They are a sales orientated business and would like their web site to be easily found on the search engines leading to increased enquiries and sales.
Many of the companies/ businesses, which falls into the second category, find that they have a web site, which cannot be found easily on the search engines for relevant, search phrases. Why? The answer to this is simply that the web site has not been optimised.
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