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Search engine positioning falls into two categories:

Positioning as a result of optimizations:

This area is covered in search engine optimizations and involves intensive optimizations of the website combined with website's submissions to search engines and link buildings. SEO techniques can drive these users to your site without the use of traditional, visible advertising by making sure you are found by the people who are looking for you.

Pay for placement or Internet marketing:

Almost all major search engines and directories have pay for listings which appear at the top of search results or as in Google AdWords, down the right hand side of the search results. To have your site listed there is a joining fee and you then pay every time someone clicks on their advertisement referred to as pay per click internet marketing. The cost per click can be anywhere between 10p and 10Lac depending onĀ  the competition and demand for your chosen keywords.

Bottom Line:

In highly competitive markets, successful search engine optimization provides huge cost savings and long lasting benefits in comparison to 'pay per click' internet marketing campaigns. However, with proper analysis of website rankings and traffic, 'pay per click' can work very well alongside an optimised website attracting traffic for the those terms that the site does not rank high for, and if specific to your product or service.
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